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Download Windows Classic Theme For Windows 8

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Along with the Aero glass theme , Microsoft has also removed the Windows Classic theme from the latest iteration of Windows. Computer users who have been using Windows 8 for a while must be knowing about the missing Aero and Windows Classic themes.

While majority of Windows users don’t like the Classic theme and prefer to the use the default theme, a small percentage of Windows users prefer to use the Windows Classic theme regardless of system hardware configuration.

Classic Theme for Windows 8

As some of you know, using the Classic theme boosts system performance, especially on low end machines. By switching from the default theme to the Classic, you can give your Windows old look and feel. Another advantage of using Classic theme is boost in battery life.

Windows 8 users who are missing the Windows Classic theme will be glad to know about the availability of the Windows Classic theme. A deviantart user has created the Classic theme for Windows 8. The best thing is that you don’t need to edit or replace original system files to install this Classic theme. Simply follow the given below instructions to install and apply Windows classic theme in Windows 8.

NOTE: You can use this theme file on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8. Applying the Classic theme will change the Start screen background and tile color to classic view as well.

Step 1: Visit this page and download the zip file.

Step 2: Extract the zip file onto the desktop or any other location to get Classic.theme file.

Step 3: Now move the Classic.theme file to C:\Windows\Resources\Ease of Access Themes folder (here, “C” is your Windows 8 installation drive ).

Windows Classic theme for Windows 8.

Step 4: Perform a right-click on desktop, click Personalization to open Personalization window.

Step 5: Here, under High Contrast Themes, you will see the Classic theme along with other high contrast themes. Click on Classic theme to apply it.

Windows Classic Theme in Windows 8

To switch back to the default one, simply open Personalization window and click on the default theme. You might also like to know how to customize the Start screen and lock screen in Windows 8.

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  1. There is no “performance boost” by using this theme. It is purely an entertainment device. They have recolored the theme of windows and that’s all. The window composition engine is still running but just using different colors. So if you like the classic look this theme is for you but be aware, any of the high contrast themes would give the same “boost”.

  2. This is simply wonderful. My eyes just can’t cope with ubiquitous retina-burn white themes. For me, not being able to tweak window background colours is a huge drawback of Windows 8.

    This theme is great on the eyes…

  3. Also, be aware that if you choose any of the classic/high-contrast themes, you will NOT be able to change text colors in Office 2013. Windows 8.1 is supposed to fix this, by re-issuing classic themes that will allow you to do this, but we’ll see…

  4. Hi, Contrary to what some have said this is a useful theme as there are a number of specialist programs that will not display correctly on 7 or 8 unless you use windows classic or windows high contrast. OK you can make up your own theme but it’s easier if some one else has done the mucking around. Not sure that it increases performance much but there is an improvement in battery life.

  5. My new high end PC came with Win 8 basic. I found that my 2007 Office Enterprise Outlook indexing won’t work. I’ve re-set/re-started indexing several times, but it quits indexing after shut down and re-start of the PC. I’ve also re-installed Office, to no avail. A friend tells me that he had the same problem, but corrected it with the download of the $39.99 Pro Pac upgrade (until 1/31/13) from Microsoft. Do you concur that it is necessary to install this up grade to have Office 2007 Enterprise work well in Win 8????

  6. Is it possible to change the navigation buttons into Windows Classic visual style?

  7. This is merely HiConWhite customized to be more like Classic. And, it DOES boost performance if your vcard is a wimp in a barrel.
    But I simply prefer Classic view to this sux0rious bum Aero (which is still alive and even used for EVERY theme)…
    Windows 8 is suckage, and this theme does NOT take that down. It is pointless due to being a HiCon customization, something you can do on your own (I am using this myself, as a sort of half-assed medium)

  8. This is the most pointless thing ever created. Why? Because it’s not really classic theme. It’s just Windows’ theme with the classic colors.

    I am not even sure if the classic theme boosted performance in Vista/7 over the default theme with Aero disabled. The biggest performance penalty in those themes came with the blurring effect. Otherwise, the theme does some things right that the classic theme did wrong (e.g., it uses desktop compositing).

    But this theme doesn’t change anything in the way windows are rendered. Using this to get a performance boost is a 100% futile effort.

  9. Windows classic theme DOES up performance (I used to use it, too, for performance and as a cool throwback) but Windows 8 will do the same thing. Many don’t know that. If all you’re using windows classic for is to make your computer run faster no need to worry. Windows 8 will do it too! So don’t be afraid to run the real windows 8 theme. I’ve loved it so far. It runs much faster than Vista did on my old laptop. I’m waiting for he release date to update my new laptop.

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