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Home > Science > Chemistry > Acid Names Formulas

Acid Names Formulas

Complete List of Inorganic Acids

Acid NameFormula
Acetic AcidCH3COOH
Antimonic AcidHSbO3
Antimonous AcidH3SbO3
Arsenic AcidH3AsO4
Boric AcidH3BO3
Bromic AcidHBrO3
Bromous AcidHBrO2
Carbonic AcidH2CO3
Carbonous AcidH2CO2
Chloric AcidHClO3
Chlorous AcidHClO2
Chromic AcidH2CrO4
Chromous AcidH2CrO3
Citric AcidC6H8O7
Cyanic AcidHCNO
Dichromic AcidH2Cr2O7
Disulfurous AcidH2S2O5
Dithionous AcidH2S2O4
Diuranic AcidH2U2O7
Ferricyanic AcidH3[F3(CN)6]
Fluoric AcidHFO3
Fluorous AcidHFO2
Formic AcidHCOOH
Hydroarsenic AcidH3As
Hydrobromic AcidHBr
Hydrochloric AcidHCl
Hydrocyanic AcidHCN
Hydrofluoric AcidHF
Hydroiodic AcidHI
Hydronitric AcidHN3
Hydrophosphoric AcidH3P
Hydroselenic AcidH2Se
Hydrosulfuric AcidH2S
Hypobromous AcidHBrO
Hypocarbonous AcidH2CO
Hypochlorous AcidHClO
Hypochromous AcidH2CrO2
Hypofluorous AcidHFO
Hypoiodous AcidHIO
Hyponitrous AcidHNO
Hypooxalous AcidH2C2O2
Hypophosphoric AcidH4P2O6
Hypophosphous AcidH3PO2
Hyposulfurous AcidH2SO2
Iodic AcidHIO3
Iodous AcidHIO2
Manganic AcidH2MnO4
Metastannic AcidH2SnO3
Molybdic AcidH2MoO4
Nitric AcidHNO3
Nitrous AcidHNO2
Oxalic AcidH2C2O4
Percarbonic AcidH2CO4
Perchloric AcidHClO4
Perchromic AcidH2CrO5
Perfluoric AcidHFO4
Periodic AcidHIO4
Permanganic AcidHMnO4
Pernitric AcidHNO4
Peroxydisulfuric AcidH2S2O8
Perphosphoric AcidH3PO5
Persulfuric AcidH2SO5
Pertechnetic AcidHTcO4
Perxenic AcidH4XeO6
Phosphoric AcidH3PO4
Phosphorous AcidH3PO3
Pyroantimonic AcidH4Sb2O7
Pyrophosphoric AcidH4P2O7
Pyrosulfuric AcidH2S2O7
Selenic AcidH2SeO4
Selenous AcidH2SeO3
Silicic AcidH2SiO3
Silicofluoric AcidH2SiF6
Silicous AcidH2SiO2
Sulfuric AcidH2SO4
Sulfurous AcidH2SO3
Telluric AcidH6TeO6
Tellurous AcidH2TeO3
Tetraboric AcidH2B4O7
Tetrathionic AcidH2S4O6
Thiocyanic AcidHSCN
Thiosulfurous AcidH2S2O2
Titanic AcidH2TiO3
Tungstic AcidH2WO4
Uranic AcidH2UO4
Xenic AcidH2XeO4
Complete List of Organic Acids

Acid NameFormula
Acetic AcidCH3COOH
Acetylsalicylic AcidHC9H7O4
Ascorbic AcidHC6H7O6
Azelaic AcidH2C9H14O4
Barbituric AcidHC4H3N2O3
Benzilic AcidHC14H11O3
Cinnamic AcidC9H8O2
Citric AcidH2C6H6O7
Folic AcidC19H19N7O6
Fumaric AcidC4H4O4
Gallic AcidHC7H5O5
Gluconic AcidC6H12O7
Glutamic AcidHC5H8NO4
Glutaric AcidC5H8O4
Hexanoic AcidC5H11COOH
Lactic AcidHC3H5O3
Malic AcidH2C4H4O5
Malonic AcidCH2(COOH)2
Oleic AcidHC18H33O2
Phthalic AcidH2C8H4O4
Propiolic AcidHC2COOH
Propionic AcidCH3CH2COOH
Rosolic AcidC19H14O3
Stearic AcidC17H35COOH
Tannic AcidC76H53O46
Tartartic AcidH2C4H4O6
Trifluoroacetic AcidC2HF3O2
Uric AcidH2C5H2N4O3

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Chemical Compounds


What is chemical name of HClO4?

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3 Answers

Shyam Prasad Banda

Shyam Prasad Banda , B.SC Engineering Chemistry & Chemistry, Andhra University College of Sciences

It is Perchloric Acid which is used to produce rocket fuel and also in analytical chemistry.

It is also used in electro polishing of some common metals like aluminium etc.

Sucharita Srinivas

Sucharita Srinivas

Perchloric acid.

Ashin Sabu

Ashin Sabu , Though not very good at it, I still like Chemistry.

It’s called Perchloric acid. You could have just googled it but since you came here let me give you a few facts.

  • Its stronger than Sulphuric and Nitric acid.
  • It’s a super acid. (Learn more about them – Superacid – Wikipedia )
  • Believe it or not unlike a few other common acids, its odourless.
  • It is a very strong oxidizing agent.