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the indianization of english the english language in india

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The Indianization of English

Articlein English Today 2(02):31 – 33 ·  April 1986with968 Reads

DOI: 10.1017/S026607840000198X

Braj B Kachru
Braj B Kachru

The imperial transplant of 1835 has taken root in the soil of the Indian subcontinent and flourishes today as an Indian language in its own right.

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  • … During the last few decades an increasingly significant body of scholarly research has been devoted to an exploration of the features of different varieties of English as used in different parts of the world in diverse social and cultural contexts. Kachru (1986bKachru ( , 1990) divides these varieties of English into three concentric circles. The Inner Circle includes countries in which English has traditional historical and sociolinguistic origins, such as the UK, USA, and Australia. …
    Features of Saudi English Research Articles Abstracts
    Full-text available
    • Jun 2016
    • Wafaa Fallatah

      Wafaa Fallatah

  • … It is common knowledge that English first spread to Scotland, Wales Obviously, the forecast has come true and the new varieties require fresh terms to designate the processes that characterize them. Therefore, it is no wonder that critical literature (e. g. Kachru 1983; Pandharipande, 1987; Phillipson, 1992; Crystal, 1997; Pennycook, 1997; Annamalai, 2004 English literature write with an accent, as it were, because they have to carry the weight of different experiences in various surroundings. I agree with Nelson (1985, p. 245) who observes, " When one reads a non-native variety text or listens to a non-native discourse, it becomes clear that there are devices and elements that are not the same as those in a native variety text or discourse. …
    … These are long journeys. Some scholars (Kachru, 1983Kachru, , 1986Kachru, , 1998Kachru, , 2004 Platt, et al. 1984; Parasher, 1991; Gorlach, 1991 Gorlach, , 1995 Gorlach, , 1998 Dasgupta, 1993; Greenbaum, 1996; Mehrotra, 1998; McArthur, 1998; Enokizono, 2000; Bolton, 2002; Jenkins, 2003; Stanlaw, 2004; Melchers and Shaw, 2003; Robertson, et al. 2005) have travelled a few miles. I have travelled a few steps in this direction (Patil, 1989aPatil, , 1989bPatil, , 1991Patil, , 1993Patil, , 1994Patil, , 1995Patil, , 1996Patil, , 1999Patil, , 2002Patil, , 2005aPatil, , 2005b). …
    Critical Discourse Analysis: Euphemization and Derogation on the emails written on the death of the Pope
    Full-text available
    • Apr 2006
    • Ali Rahimi

      Ali Rahimi

    • Rahman Sahragard

      Rahman Sahragard

  • … This paradigm examines the forms and functions of English varieties outside of traditionally native contexts, such as Australia, Canada, the United States, and Great Britain. This framework is rooted in the work of Kachru (1965 Kachru ( , 1976 Kachru ( , 1982 Kachru ( , 1983 Kachru ( , 1986 Kachru ( , 1997) and has developed a large body of scholarship through journals such as World Englishes and in numerous edited volumes (Bailey & Görlach, 1982; Bamgbose, Banjo, & Thomas, 1995; Cheshire, 1991; Pride, 1982; Smith, 1981; Thumboo, 2001b). Within this paradigm, research has focused primarily on institutionalized varieties of English (IVEs), varieties that are used alongside other languages in countries previously colonized by Great Britain, such as Malaysia, Kenya, Singapore, Nigeria, and India: [IVEs] have a long history of acculturation in new cultural and geographical contexts; they have a large range of functions in the local educational, administrative, and legal systems. …
    … For example, Chisanga and Kamwangamalu (1997) use this term to refer to the indigenization of English in South Africa by means of lexical borrowings, morpho-syntactic transfer, and semantic extension. Their study illustrates the productive processes that exemplify the ways in which speakers have appropriated English for their own use, and it is representative of a long tradition of similar research, such as that by Kachru (1983), Lowenberg (1986), Platt, Weber, and Ho (1984), and Thumboo (2001b). In his plenary address, entitled " The Ownership of English, " Widdowson (1994) also used the term ownership to refer to the ways in which speakers appropriate English for their own use. …
    " Ownership" of English in the Outer Circle: An Alternative to the NS-NNS Dichotomy
    • Dec 2003


  • … This is one reason that AE has been classified as a stress-timed language rather than syllable-timed, in the dichotomy of Pike (1946). IE, by contrast, has been classified as a syllable-timed language by Kachru (1983) and others. For example Crystal (1995) says that the use of English as a world language has in generaì`resulted in varieties of Modern English in which the syllable timing has been transferred from the contact languages, producing a natural variety of isosyllabic English as a mother tongue by large numbers of people,'' and he goes on to say that“that“This situation is most dramatic in the subcontinent of India, where one of the most noticeable features of IE ± and the one which contributes most to the difficulty British speakers have in understanding Indian speech ± is the failure to preserve traditional stress distinctions because of the isosyllabic rhythm'' (Crystal, 1995: 176). …
    Phonetic Stress in Indian English vs. American English
    • Aug 2003
    • Caroline Wiltshire

      Caroline Wiltshire

    • Russell Moon

  • … And even when it comes to similarities, the high frequency of nouns borrowed from French may not be much to write home about (both Indo-Aryan and Dravidian languages have borrowed a lot of nouns from English). As for the opposite direction, it is useful to note that both English±InterHindi and Indian English borrow interjections and nouns from Hindi (see Hooper, 1917 and Kachru, 1983 ). One would have to show that the similarities in the quantitative asymmetries can't be made to follow from the same *(micro-) sociolinguistic factors that seem to have colored the phonology of Brussels French and persuaded the Alsatian speakers to begin to transfer their identity to their mixed-code. …
    Borrowing and shift-induced interference: Contrasting patterns in French–Germanic contact in Brussels and Strasbourg
    Full-text available
    • Aug 1999
    • Biling Lang Cognit
    • Jeanine  Treffers-Daller 

      Jeanine  Treffers-Daller 

  • … Watt's New Testament, which provides evidence of the state of Kwamera in the second half of the nineteenth century, suggests that linguistic change here has involved the language's lexical/semantic systems only. Unlike the case of several Indian codes (described by Kachru 1983), or that of " Mixmix " of the Philippines (Marasigan 1983), extensive code-mixing and borrowing have not produced a distinct variety. And unlike the case of several Papuan languages, a century and more of code-mixing on Tanna has not significantly altered Kwamera's phonology, morphology, or syntax. …
    Bislama into Kwamera: Code-mixing and Language Change on Tanna (Vanuatu)
    Full-text available
    • Lamont Lindstrom

      Lamont Lindstrom

  • Language Universals and Second Language Acquisition
    • Mar 1986
    • Ellen Broselow

      Ellen Broselow

  • Exotic Other: Western representation of India in English literature and film
    • Jul 1986

  • Language in Education: Minorities and Multilingualism in India
    • Jul 1996
    • Int Rev Educ
    • Kamal K. Sridhar

      Kamal K. Sridhar

  • Optimality and the syntax of lectal variation
    • Jan 1997
    • Rajesh M. Bhatt

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          1. Find an Illinois Undergraduate Pre-Law Education
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          The American Bar Association reports that in 2011 there were over 60,000 licensed lawyers actively practicing in Illinois. The Bureau of Labor Statistics quotes the average Illinois lawyer’s salary at that time at $138,550 annually. Lawyers working in the Chicago-Joliet-Naperville metropolitan division made even more, averaging $146,780 per year.

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          In order to be approved by the Board and by the American Bar Association (ABA), your undergraduate institution must be accredited by a national or regional accreditation organization acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Education .

          Requirements and Standards

          Because the Board uses the admission requirements of the University of Illinois as a standard for admission to pre-legal education, you must have completed a minimum amount of certain courses in high school prior to enrollment in your undergraduate education. These include:

          • English – 4 years
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          Within the required 90 semester hours of undergraduate education the Board says you must complete should be coursework in the following areas:

          • Cultural studies (Western and Non-Western)
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          Degree Options

          The Board requires that you complete 90 semester hours of undergraduate coursework – not that you necessarily obtain an undergraduate degree. Under Board rules, you may obtain a diploma, degree, or certificate signed by the dean or registrar of your institution stating that you have completed the required coursework. However, ABA-approved law schools (which the Board requires you graduate from) insist that you have at least a bachelor’s degree prior to admission. This degree may be in any major. Majors in the above-mentioned coursework areas are often the most advisable to pre-law students.

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          How to prepare

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          • LSAT Tutor, The LSAT Blogger , Chicago
          • LSAT Preparation, Test Sherpa , online

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          Application process

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          • Illinois Wesleyan University, 1312 Park Street Bloomington, IL 61701
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          Receiving Your Score

          It takes about three weeks after the exam before your scores are mailed to you. The lowest score you can possibly receive is 120, and the highest score you can possibly receive is 180. Average LSAT scores accepted by some Illinois law schools in 2009 are:  

          • University of Chicago: 169
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          Credential Assembly Service

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          The Illinois State Board of Law Examiners specifies that you must be a graduate of a United States ABA-accredited law school in order to take the state’s bar exam.  The ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools lists ABA-approved law schools across the nation.

          ABA-Accredited Law Schools in Illinois

          The following law schools in Illinois are ABA-accredited:

          • University of Chicago Law School , 1111 E. 60th Street, Chicago, IL 60637
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          Course requirements

          Foundational legal coursework that usually does not vary from one law school to the next will include:

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          Foreign Law School Graduates

          If you graduate from a law school outside of the Untied State, you may still be eligible to take the Illinois Bar Exam. You must:

          • Be licensed and in good standing in the country which gave you your law degree or in another U.S. jurisdiction
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          If you meet these requirements, you may initiate your request for permission to sit for the bar exam by completing the Preliminary Questionnaire for Rule 715 . It must be filed online and approved in writing before you will be allowed to take the bar exam.

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          Filing your registration online will initiate the Character and Fitness Questionnaire and investigation necessary prior to admission to the Bar. The Character and Fitness Questionnaire, the Illinois State Police Criminal History form, and the Notice and Acknowledgment form must be completed on the Bar’s website and filed electronically. You must print the Authorization and Release Form from the website, execute it, and mail it to the Board with the requested additional documentation. Filing fees can be paid online through credit card or by certified check, cashier’s check or money order payable to the Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar. Mail everything to the Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar, 625 S College Street, Springfield IL 62704.

          If you have already completed two years of law school and expect to be eligible to register for one of the next two upcoming bar exams, and you have not yet filed a Law Student Registration application, you may not file one now without written permission of the Board.

          Degree Programs

          The Board has ruled that you must have your first professional law degree (Juris Doctor – J.D. or L.L.B.- the foreign equivalent) prior to sitting for the Illinois Bar Exam.

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          Step 4

          Take the Illinois State Bar Exam

          You are now ready to apply to take the Illinois bar exam. It is offered on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of February and July at various locations throughout Chicago.


          You may use the free materials provided by the National Conference of Bar Examiners website to help prepare for the bar exam. In particular, the sections on the Multistate Essay Exam (MEE), Multistate Performance Test (MPT), and Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) should be studied.  Additional bar preparation courses include:

          • Law Preps LLC , Chicago
          • Reed Bar Review , Chicago
          • Bar Exam Review, Adaptibar

          Exam content

          The first part of the Illinois Bar Exam is the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). This lasts for six hours and consists of 200 multiple-choice questions on contracts, criminal law, torts, evidence, constitutional law, and real property.

          The second part is the MEE, Multistate Essay Exam. This tests your knowledge of Illinois’ laws.  Topics that may be covered include administrative law, agency and partnership, business organizations, commercial paper, conflict of law, criminal procedure, equity, family law, federal taxation, Illinois civil procedure, secured transactions, suretyship, trusts and future interests, and wills and estates.

          The third part of the exam is the Multistate Performance Test (MPT). This tests your usage of lawyering skills, with a file and a library.

          Application Process

          Since you have already registered as a law student with the Bar, completing the rest of the application for the bar exam is easy. Go online into the account you created with the Bar when you registered. You will be asked to submit:

          • Two recent passport-type photos submitted along with the Photos Submission Form
          •  IL Authorization and Release form (signed and notarized) 
          • Any required police reports, citations,  court records and/or documents as a result of your answers to Character and Fitness Questions
          • Print and forward the Certificate of Dean to your law school for completion and delivery to the Board.
          • Mail everything to Illinois Board of Admissions, 625 S. College Street, Springfield IL 62704. The Board will not verify receipt of application materials if you phone them. You should use return receipt requested (USPS) or overnight carrier with receipt to ensure that the Board received all items.  

          Pass Rates

          Here are passing rates from the Illinois Bar Exam from 2002 to 2011, provided by Adaptibar:

          • 2002- 72%
          • 2003- 75%
          • 2004- 76%
          • 2005- 78%
          • 2006-79%
          • 2007-82%
          • 2008-85%
          • 2009-84%
          • 2010-84%
          • 2011-83%

          Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)

          In addition to passing the Illinois Bar Exam, you must also pass Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) prior to bar admission. This consists of 50 multiple-choice items and lasts just over two hours. The MPRE is offered in March, August, and November in various locations throughout Illinois. After you have completed 66% of the credits necessary (or 60 credit hours) for the J.D. degree, you may take the MPRE. Click on this link for more information on applying to take the MPRE.

          Admission on Motion

          If you are already a licensed attorney, you may apply for Admission on Motion to the Illinois Bar. You must meet the following requirements:

          • You have a J.D. or L.L.B. from an ABA-approved law school
          • You have licensed to practice in the highest court of a US jurisdiction for at least five years
          • You have been certified by the Committee on Character and Fitness
          • You passed the MPRE
          • You are a member in good standing of the bar in another jurisdiction
          • You have actively practiced law for five of the past seven years
          • You have not failed the Illinois bar exam in the past five years

          If you feel that you meet these requirements, you must initiate application for a Preliminary Questionnaire . If approved, you will be instructed on how to proceed. The fee to file for admission on motion is $1250.

          Licensing and Admission to the Bar

          About six to eight weeks after taking the bar exam, your scores will be mailed to you. Information on where and when to report for your admission ceremony to the bar will be provided if you passed. After bar admission, you must complete a Basic Skills Course of at least 15 actual hours of instruction.

          Back to Top

          Step 5

          Whats Next Afting Being Admitted to the Illinois Bar

          You are now a licensed Illinois lawyer and member of the Illinois Bar! Congratulations!  The Illinois State Bar Association gives all new lawyers free membership for one year. You will also be granted free membership in the association’s Young Lawyers Division . This division can help you with practice tips, networking, and interpreting the law. The Practice Tools and Resources section of the Bar can help lawyers of all ages and experience.

          Are you going to start you own solo legal practice in Illinois? Consult the Bar’s General Practice, Solo, and Small Firm section for help. If you would rather join an established law firm in Illinois, names that may sound familiar to you include Baker and McKenzie in Chicago, Sawyier & Williams in Evanston, DLA Piper in Chicago, Churchill & Churchill in Moline, Mayer Brown in Chicago, Sidley Austin in Chicago, and the Law Offices of Turner, Jr in Sycamore.

          Perhaps you would rather work for a corporation as legal counsel. Many Fortune 500 corporations are Illinois-based, including Walgreens in Deerfield, Boeing in Chicago, State Farm Insurance Company in Bloomington, Archer Daniels Midland in Decatur, Kraft Foods in Northfield, and Sears Holdings in Hoffman Estates.

          Legal specialty certification

          Are you well versed in a legal specialty area? You might consider becoming certified to practice in that area. The National Board of Legal Specialty Certification offers certifications for specializations in civil, criminal, and family law, as well as social security disability advocacy and civil trial law advocacy. Get in touch with the Illinois State Coordinator of the NBLSC, David Rapoport, at 312-327-9880 or [email protected] for further information.

          Requirements for maintaining license

          As a licensed lawyer in Illinois, you must complete 20 hours of CLE (continuing legal education) during the first two years in which you are licensed. During your second two years, it is expected that you will fulfill 24 hours of CLE. For all subsequent two-year reporting periods, you must complete 30 hours of CLE. AT least four hours of CLE during each two-year reporting period must be in legal ethics, professionalism, diversity, mental illness and addiction, or civility.

          Court Systems in Illinois

          There are three levels to the court system in Illinois:

          • Circuit : 23 circuits exist in 102 counties, with one to 12 counties per circuit. This court hears most cases (known as the “court of general jurisdiction”) and may review cases from administrative agencies. In 2010, 3.76 million cases were filed in Circuit Court.
          • Appellate : there are five districts throughout Illinois that hear appeals from the circuit court and industrial commission. They may also review cases from administrative agencies. In 2010, 7836 cases were filed in Appellate Court.
          • Supreme : the highest court in Illinois hears appeals from certain circuit court and appellate court cases and reviews all death sentences. In 2010, 3014 cases were filed in the Supreme Court.

          Elective membership organizations

          Now that you are a member of the Illinois bar, consider joining another elective membership organization for attorneys in the state:

          • Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
          • Chicago Bar Association
          • Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association
          • National Employment Lawyers Association-Illinois
          • Illinois Appellate Lawyers Association

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            Illinois Statistics:
          IL Active Lawyers 60,000+
          Average Annual Wage$138,550


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          Admissions Information

          Applicants to the Tax Program must hold a JD degree or the equivalent from a law school approved by the American Bar Association. The program is also open to applicants with a law degree from a university outside the United States if that degree qualifies the applicant for the practice of law in his or her home country.

          The deadline for applications for full-time, part-time, and joint degree students is June 1. The deadline for applications for non-degree students is August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. Admissions may exclude from consideration any incomplete application or those received after the deadline.

          Visit Admissions for full details on the admissions process.

          Financial Aid

          The Tax Program awards financial aid on a combined basis of financial need and merit to qualified applicants in amounts up to 70 percent of the annual tuition. Following acceptance into the Program, applicants apply for scholarship assistance by filing a financial aid application with the Admissions Office.  Decisions regarding scholarship assistance will be made within two weeks after completion of the financial aid application. Applicants are encouraged to apply early during the admissions process in order to maximize their chances of receiving scholarship assistance.

          For more information regarding scholarships and financial assistance, visit Tuition and Financial Aid .  Additional information on the merit-based scholarships available can be found on our Scholarships page.

          ponteland leisure centre classes online



          Страница «Ponteland Leisure Centre» есть на Facebook. Войдите, чтобы связаться с Ponteland Leisure Centre.



          На данном изображении может находиться: 1 человек, сидит и текстНа данном изображении может находиться: 3 человека, люди улыбаются, текст

          Фото профиля Ponteland Leisure Centre

          Ponteland Leisure Centre

          Нравится Подписаться Сообщение Ещё
          Закрывается через 45 минут
          Спортзал/фитнес-центр Ponteland

          Callerton Lane, NE20 9EG Ponteland
          Как добраться

          +44 1670 620200

          Спортзал/фитнес-центр · Общественный плавательный бассейн

          Диапазон цен · $$

          Закрывается через 45 минут
          Часы работы: С 9:00 до 20:00

          Нравится 1 076 людям

          Подписаны 1 113 человек

          solo tu maker descargar



          Windows Android Mac iPhone PWA Web Apps Windows Phone BlackBerry


          1. Windows
          2. Multimedia
          3. Audio
          4. MAGIX Music Maker
          5. Download
          MAGIX Music Maker

          Download MAGIX Music Maker for Windows

          • Compatible with your OS
          • Full paid version
          • In English
          DownloadSafe download

          Download MAGIX Music Maker

          What will happen when you click Download?

          • You will be redirected to an external website to complete the download.
          • If you encounter any issues with your download, please report them here .

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          • MAGIX Music Maker
          • audio effects
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          • virtual drum
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          • drum tracks
          • music maker
          • virtual instruments
          • music instruments
          • Music Library


          MAGIX Music Maker help and info

          • What is Magix Music Maker?

            Magix Music Maker is a digital audio workstation (DAW) that provides an assortment of recording software tools for different user requirements. The DAW is available in two flavours: regular and premium. The “premium” version essentially offers two times of what the regular version provides. The music recording tool boasts a big loop library, drag-drop functionality, and clearly made virtual instruments.

          • What does the software come handy with?

            The software can record external instruments. It can also be used for mixing and mastering music, courtesy the built-in mastering suite. The premium version comes with a huge library of sounds and loops (more than 6,000 loops) that encompass a myriad of genres too, including rock, funk, hip-hop, electronic, etc.

          • Who is Music Maker for?

            Music Maker comes in four separate editions: Basic, Plus, Live and Premium. The basic variant, as the name indicates, is ideal for absolute beginners. People who have fiddled with music-making software in the past and know how to navigate and work with the tool should find any of the other three variants ideal.

          • How is the user interface like?

            The user interface is quite simple, letting the composer position or draw prerecorded sound blocks or MIDI loops onto the grid, with the basic dynamics and basic channel effects on the left. There is also the option to bring up an even advanced mixing station.

          • Is Music Maker free?

            The basic version is free; the other three versions are paid tools. The free edition, however, is no slouch and comes loaded with loops and sounds that should suffice to make music for demo tracks and online videos. The free tool should also help newbies get acquainted with DAW software, learn more about audio composition, audio recording and editing, etc.

          • How easy is using Magix Music Maker?

            Music Maker can be used by any individual who has basic computer skills. The free version was built to be the ideal platform for people to try the software and upgrade to the premium versions as per their requirements. In fact, the basic version also has an “easy mode” that comes with a less cluttered and intuitive interface.

          • How good are the virtual instruments?

            The virtual instruments provided sound very much like real music instruments, which helps people who have never played with music instruments before get a feel for things. The instruments included are a grand piano, acoustic drum module, and an analogue synthesizer, to name a few. The virtual instruments can also be used for playing compositions made using the MIDI editor.

          • Is there support for external files?

            Magix Music Maker facilitates importing of audio files that can be incorporated into custom compositions. It also supports external video files by opening a dedicated video monitor that would play in full-screen mode. This feature is handy for people who feel the built-in loops and sound presets are not sufficient enough.

          • How good is the editing suite?

            Music Maker offers a feature-packed editing tool. It has a 10-band equaliser, echo, reverb, compressor and flanger effects that come with multiple preset choices. Also included are a processor, master limiter, spectrum analyser, frequency tuner, channel mixer, effects previewer and infinite cue points.

          • What is the loop library like?

            The bundled loop/sound library is certainly a highlight. The sounds and loops boast high standards. It’s well-organised by instrument and genre, and the quality on offer is quite impressive too, especially considering the fact that the bundle is part of a consumer package.

          Alternative apps

          • Music Maker Jam
            Music Maker Jam

            Music Maker Jam

            Making music could hardly be easier!



        • Storm Music Studio
          Storm Music Studio

          Storm Music Studio

          Storm Music Studio Gets Creative with Sound

          Trial version


        • Virtual Piano
          Virtual Piano

          Virtual Piano

          Free Piano Programme for Music Lovers



        • Samplisizer


          Create your own House, Dance, Techno, Drum & Bass tracks

          Trial version


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          • Getting Started: Tips and Tricks for Windows Movie Maker


            Getting Started: Tips and Tricks for Windows Movie Maker

          • Make It Perfect: Editing Tips for Windows Movie Maker


            Make It Perfect: Editing Tips for Windows Movie Maker

          • 4 Tips for Using Effects in Windows Movie Maker


            4 Tips for Using Effects in Windows Movie Maker

          • Music to My Ears: Getting the Best Audio


            Music to My Ears: Getting the Best Audio

          Read more stories


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          Get FREE alternatives to MAGIX Music Maker

          • Music Maker Jam

            Music Maker Jam

            Making music could hardly be easier!

          • Virtual Piano

            Virtual Piano

            Free Piano Programme for Music Lovers

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          MAGIX Music Maker

          MAGIX Music Maker

          MAGIX Music Maker Lets You Simply Create Music

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          Windows Android Mac iPhone PWA Web Apps Windows Phone BlackBerry


          1. Windows
          2. Sviluppo
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          Game Maker

          Game Maker Lite 8.1

          Crea i tuoi videogiochi

          Game Maker


          • Molto versatile
          • Molta documentazione sul sito ufficiale
          • Presenti immagini e suoni liberamente utilizzabili


          • Solo in inglese
          • È necessario registrarsi per scaricarlo

          Scopri altre app

          • Construct 2

            Construct 2

            Sviluppo per Windows

          • Novelty


            Animazioni e storie interattive a portata di mouse

          • Windows Movie Maker

            Windows Movie Maker

            Il montaggio video facile per Windows Vista

          • Windows Movie Maker 2012

            Windows Movie Maker 2012

            Il video editor di Microsoft è tutto nuovo

          Download gratisDownload sicuro


          Voti 4188

          Valutarlo! Grazie per votare!

          • Licenza


          • OS

            Windows 95

            Game Maker è anche compatibile con:

            • Windows 98 SE
            • Windows XP
            • Windows ME
            • Windows 98
            • Windows 2000
            • Windows NT

          • L’app è disponibile anche per

            • Mac

            Game Maker è disponibile anche per altre piattaforme

            • Game Maker per Mac

          • Download


            Download totali


            Download nell’ultimo mese


          • Lingua


          • Versione

            Lite 8.1

          • Voto utenti

            7/10   (Voti 4188 )

          • App alternative
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          Molto buono


          Game Maker è un programma che ti permette di creare videogiochi attraverso un’interfaccia grafica drag and drop abbastanza semplice da utilizzare e sicuramente più facile da apprendere rispetto a un linguaggio di programmazione. Inoltre contiene anche diverse immagini e suoni liberamente utilizzabili, grazie ai quali puoi immediatamente iniziare a sviluppare giochi, senza doverti preoccupare anche di questi aspetti.

          Game Maker è uno strumento universale, adatto a creare qualunque genere di videogioco bidimensionale. Funziona su un principio non troppo distante dalla programmazione ad oggetti: ogni elemento che compone un videogioco, come i personaggi, le immagini di sfondo e persino specifiche azioni, è considerato come un oggetto, con proprietà che ne determinano il comportamento quando si verifica un evento, ad esempio la pressione di un tasto da parte del giocatore.


          Con Game Maker puoi in teoria creare anche titoli tridimensionali, ma in questo caso l’interfaccia grafica non è sufficiente; bisogna imparare ad utilizzare il linguaggio di scripting proprietario dell’applicazione, versatile come un vero e proprio linguaggio di programmazione, ma ovviamente molto più complesso da utilizzare. Inoltre alcune opzioni grafiche utili per la grafica tridimensionale non sono attive in questa versione Lite del programma, ma solo in quella Pro, che costa comunque poco.

          Giudizio complessivo
          Game Maker è uno dei metodi più semplici e potenti per avvicinarsi al game design, senza essere costretti a spendere soldi o ad apprendere complessi linguaggi di programmazione.



          Le più scaricate Sviluppo per windows

          • WinRAR


            Il re degli archivi compressi

          • LogMeIn Hamachi

            LogMeIn Hamachi

            Una rete virtuale P2P semplice da configurare

          • DNS Jumper

            DNS Jumper

            Programma per trovare e configurare i server DNS più veloci

          • Virtual Router Manager

            Virtual Router Manager

            L’app più semplice per creare un hotspot Wi-Fi e condividere la tua connessione

          • Java Runtime Environment

            Java Runtime Environment

            Un buon navigatore ha sempre alle spalle Java


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          • scaricare giochi
          • windows download


          Game Maker


          Game Maker Lite 8.1

          Download gratisDownload sicuro


          Opinioni utenti su Game Maker

          • di Anonymous

            buon programma per crare giochi.
            buon programma per creare videogiochi. puoi creare solo alcuni tipi di videogio…   Altri
            buon programma per crare giochi.
            buon programma per creare videogiochi. puoi creare solo alcuni tipi di videogiochi, perché gli altri giochi sono molto difficili da creare
            Pros: molte funzioni
            Cons: grafica non proprio eccellente
            abbastanza difficile da usare

          • di Anonymous

            Serve impegno e pazienza per buoni risultati….
            Molto buono,da piccole cose si possono creare grandi cose….   Altri
            Serve impegno e pazienza per buoni risultati….
            Molto buono,da piccole cose si possono creare grandi cose…

          • di Anonymous

            Può interagire con alcuni linguaggi di programmazione.
            Abbastanza buono , può anche interagire con il linguaggi…   Altri
            Può interagire con alcuni linguaggi di programmazione.
            Abbastanza buono , può anche interagire con il linguaggio C

          • di Anonymous

            Ottimo programma. io consiglio anche sploder, un sistema online (senza download) che vi permette di re…   Altri
            Ottimo programma. io consiglio anche sploder, un sistema online (senza download) che vi permette di realizzare giochi fantastici 😉

          • di Anonymous

            aiutatemi ples.
            non riesco a scaricarlo qualcuno mi potete dire il perche. comunque grazie lo ste…   Altri
            aiutatemi ples.
            non riesco a scaricarlo qualcuno mi potete dire il perche. comunque grazie lo stesso .

          • di Anonymous

            Un programma che ti permette di svilupare la fantasia.
            Sì, stare là a creare un videogioco è difficile e i risul…   Altri
            Un programma che ti permette di svilupare la fantasia.
            Sì, stare là a creare un videogioco è difficile e i risultati variano, ma è magnifico e creativo . Devo dire che ha superato le mie aspettative grazie alle mille funzioni che ha .

          • Altri commenti
          • Recensione

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            Game of Thrones: primo teaser video per Iron from Ice

          • L’app della settimana: IObit Game Assistant 2


            L’app della settimana: IObit Game Assistant 2

          • Trials Frontier: il crudele destino dei casual game


            Trials Frontier: il crudele destino dei casual game

          • I migliori mobile game giapponesi tutti da scoprire


            I migliori mobile game giapponesi tutti da scoprire

          Altri post

          Le leggi che regolano l’uso di questo software variano da paese a paese. Softonic non incoraggia l’utilizzo di alcun programma che violi queste leggi.
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            Scratch 2 Offline Editor

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          western baptist bible college oregon

          Corban University

          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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          For the Western Baptist Bible College in Kansas City, Missouri, see Western Baptist Bible College (Missouri) .
          Corban University
          Corban College clock tower valley view.JPG

          Clock tower overlooking the Willamette Valley
          Former names
          Phoenix Bible Institute, Western Baptist College, Corban College (and Graduate School)
          Motto“Dedicating Heart and Mind to God”
          Type Private
          Endowment $3 million
          President Dr. Sheldon C. Nord
          Academic staff
          Undergraduates 1,024
          Postgraduates 188
          Location Salem , Oregon , USA
          44°52′57″N 122°57′31″W / 44.88250°N 122.95861°W / 44.88250; -122.95861 Coordinates : 44°52′57″N 122°57′31″W / 44.88250°N 122.95861°W / 44.88250; -122.95861
          Campus Suburban , 142 acres
          Colors Navy and Gold
          Nickname Warriors
          Affiliations Council for Christian Colleges and Universities , National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics , Cascade Collegiate Conference
          MascotCadmar the Warrior
          Corban University seal.png

          Corban University is a private, independent college in Salem , Oregon . The school of about 1,200 students offers undergraduate work in biblical studies, liberal arts, and professional studies, and graduate work in business, ministry, education and counseling. Corban is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities , and athletically is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics , competing in the Cascade Collegiate Conference .


          • 1 History
          • 2 Academics
          • 3 Campus
          • 4 Radio station
          • 5 Athletics
          • 6 Notable alumni
          • 7 References
          • 8 External links

          History[ edit ]

          First established in 1935 in Phoenix, Arizona as the Phoenix Bible Institute, the college moved in 1946 to Oakland , California and took the name Western Baptist Bible College, being affiliated with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC) . [1] In the mid-1950s the school moved to El Cerrito, California ,. [1] [2] In 1969, the college moved to Salem, Oregon , where it operates today. [1]

          The school shortened the name to Western Baptist College in 1973. [3] In the 1970s, Western added liberal arts programs in addition to ministry programs. Reno Hoff became the president of the institution in 1999, replacing David Miller. [4] In 2001, Beth Bartosik became the first Fulbright Scholar in the school’s history. [5] Corban received a $2.1 million donation in 2001 to go towards a new performing arts center and chapel, the largest donation ever for the school. [6]

          In 2004, U.S. News and World Report ranked the school as the eighth best in the western United States for comprehensive colleges, and ninth the following year. [7] The college’s name was changed from Western Baptist College to Corban College on May 7, 2005. “Corban,” a Hebrew word, means “a gift dedicated to God.” [8] Later in 2005 the college opened Davidson Hall, a residence hall, and had their largest incoming class to that point with 207 freshman and an overall enrollment of 860. [9] In 2006, U.S. News & World Report listed the school at eight, the fifth year in a row the school was in the top ten. [10] As of 2009, the college had an endowment of about $3 million. [11] In 2013, U.S. News Best Colleges listed Corban in its Top 10 for the West for the 13th year in a row.

          Corban accepts Christian students, and holds a Title IX exemption from the US Department of Education. Students are required to provide their testimony of their saving relationship with Jesus Christ in their application to Corban. In the summer of 2007, Corban’s name was extended to Corban College and Graduate School in order to reflect the institution’s graduate programs in education and business. [12] In honor of the institution’s 75th anniversary, the school became known as Corban University on May 1, 2010. [13] Dr. Reno Hoff retired as president on June 30, 2013, and was succeeded by Dr. Sheldon C. Nord, who serves as the university’s 10th president.

          Academics[ edit ]

          Residence hall at the college

          Corban’s motto is “Dedicating heart and mind to God,” and Corban’s mission is “To educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ” (Matthew 28:19-20). Corban operates as a liberal arts college and a Bible college. All Corban graduates, regardless of major, take a minimum of 18 semester units of Bible classes. Also, all classes are taught from a biblical perspective to show that Christ should be integrated in all areas of life. Corban is theologically conservative, yet attracts men and women from a wide variety of denominations and traditions. Most of the faculty hold advanced degrees, and all are professionally active in their disciplines. Corban is committed small class sizes and interactive pedagogy, where students are treated as individuals. In order to graduate, students must also complete a minimum of 50 hours of community outreach. [14] The school was ranked as the fifth best amongst western regional colleges by U.S. News & World Report in 2016. [15]

          Campus[ edit ]

          Corban’s campus is on a wooded hillside on the outskirts of Salem, and the college owns approximately 222 acres (0.90 km2) of the wooded hillside. The trees are mainly Douglas Fir and Oregon White Oak with a smattering of Big Leaf Maple. The site was previously the site of the Oregon Institute for Deaf-Mutes and then the Oregon State Tuberculosis Hospital . [16] Some buildings on campus date to those facilities. [16] Over one hundred bird species have been identified on campus. The school also operated the Corban School of Ministry in Tacoma, Washington , after the Northwest Baptist Seminary was merged with Corban in 2010. [17]

          Throughout the years Corban has emphasized community. Freshmen and Sophomores, unless over the age of 21 or are married, must live on campus. [9] They have six resident halls: Aagard, Farrar, Prewitt, Van Gilder, Balyo, and Davidson. Also on campus is the 683-seat Psalm Performing Arts Center opened in 2005 at a cost of $3.7 million. [18] The library also houses the Prewitt-Allen Archaeological Museum with collections from Greece and the Middle East. [19]

          Radio station[ edit ]

          Corban University operates KWBX (90.3 FM), a non-commercial educational radio station with its transmitter in Salem, Oregon . It is part of the Air-1 Network , a Christian Hit Radio format. KWBX breaks from the network on the 20s for local news, weather, and announcements.

          Athletics[ edit ]

          Jeffers Sports Center

          Corban University teams, nicknamed athletically as the Warriors, are part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), primarily competing in the Cascade Collegiate Conference (CCC). Men’s sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, swimming and track & field; while women’s sports include basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, track & field and volleyball. The school colors are navy and gold. [8]

          The C. E. Jeffers Sports Center is a multi-purpose 1,500 seat sports arena in Salem, Oregon which is home to the Corban Warriors. [20] It was opened in 1979 and houses the basketball and volleyball teams. The student section, which is reserved for “Fanatics,” is small but passionate. The building namesake, Clarence E. Jeffers, was a Corban graduate and building contractor . [21] The exterior of the arena was renovated in 2013. [22]

          Notable alumni[ edit ]

          • Patrick Daka
          • Elizabeth Halseth , Nevada State Senator [23]
          • Frank Prewitt
          • Steve Reese
          • Sherrie Sprenger , member of Oregon House of Representatives

          References[ edit ]

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          20. ^ “C. E. Jeffers Sports Center” . Corban University. Archived from the original on 20 February 2014. Retrieved 3 February 2014. 
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          23. ^ Damon, Anjeanette (6 March 2011). “State senator clarifies misinformation about her education” . Las Vegas Sun. 

          External links[ edit ]

          Wikimedia Commons has media related to Corban University .
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          • Official athletics website
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              maths tricky questions pdf

              Quicker Maths Tricks Book By M. Tyra PDF Download Hindi  English

              Hello Students, प्रतिदिन की तरह आज भी हम आपके लिए प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं की तयारी में उपयोगी Study Material लेकर आये हैं. जिसको पढ़ कर आप किसी भी Exam को Crack करके Job पा सकेंगे. क्यूंकि किसी भी Government Job को पाना कोई मुश्किल काम नहीं है, लेकिन अगर तयारी को अच्छे से किया जाए. किसी भी काम को करने के 2 तरीके होते हैं. एक Smart Work और दूसरा Hard Work. इन दोनों तरीको को Follow करके किसी भी Government Job की तैयारी की जाए तो आप उसको 100 प्रतिशत पा सकते हैं. Smart Work के लिए आज हम आपके लिए Quicker Maths Tricks Book By M. Tyra PDF लेकर आये हैं. जिसको लाखो छात्रो द्वारा पसंद किया गया है. क्यूंकि इस PDF Book में सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में आने वाले प्रश्नों को कम समय में और आसानी से हल करने का तरीका बताया गया है. यहाँ हम इस बुक को Hindi और English दोनों भाषाओँ में लाये हैं अब आपको बस इस PDF को मेहनत और लगन के साथ पढना होगा और Practice करनी होगी.

              आप क्या पढना चाहते हैं

              • Quicker Maths By M. Tyra Book
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              Quicker Maths By M. Tyra Book

              About eBook: Magical Book On Quicker Maths is a preparatory book on mathematics for various competitive examinations, like, SSC, UPSC, CPO, LIC, GIC and UTI among others. The aim of this book is not only to acquaint the students with various types of problems given in these examinations and how to solve them, but also to teach the students effective ways to tackle each of the problems faster and more effectively.

              As known to all, cracking the competitive examinations is as much about knowing the correct answer as it is about time management. Manoj Tyra, therefore, teaches through this book certain easy-to-understand concepts that help the candidates solve even the most complex problems easily and correctly. To this effect, Tyra also explains each concept in clear and easily understandable words so that students belonging from the non-mathematical background, too, do not have a difficult time in understanding them. Certain problems also contain detailed illustrations that lend visual clarity to the explanations.

              The book has been neatly divided into various chapters and contains clear introduction on different mathematical topics, the important derivations and formulae that aid in understanding the core concept of the subject and solve the questions faster yet correctly.

              Apart from this, the book also features solved questions of sums that have appeared in the past years in various competitive examinations. Likewise, there remains a list of probable questions (fully solved with proper illustrations) for the students. Thanks to the importance given to Vedic mathematics, this book remains an ideal guide book for all types of competitive examinations.

              Quicker Maths PDF बुक को इसलिए आपके साथ Share किया जा रहा है, क्युकी इस Book को बहुत छात्रो द्वारा माँगा गया है. ये बुक उन सभी छात्रों के लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है जो किसी भी सरकारी नौकरी को पाना चाहते है. Magical Book On Quicker Maths की इस PDF Book में SSC, Banking, UPSC, RRB exams, Income tax departments, PO, Clerk, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, RBI, UPSC, MBA ,CAT, MAT, CTET, GRE ,Railway Examination, State Level Examination आदि परीक्षा में आने वाले Questions को Tricks से Solve किया गया. इस Book को आप नीचे दिये गए Download Button से Download कर सकते हैं.

              Topics Under Quicker Tricky Maths Book

              • How to prepare for maths
              • Additional
              • Multiplication
              • Divisibility
              • Squaring
              • Cube
              • HCF and LCM
              • Fractions
              • Number system
              • Binary number
              • Permutation and combination
              • Probability
              • Ratio and proposition
              • Partnership
              • Percentage
              • Average
              • Problem based on age
              • Profit and loss
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              • Education
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              • Time and work
              • Pipe and cistern
              • Time and distance
              • Trains
              • Streams
              • Geometry
              • Trigonometry
              • Procreation
              • Elementary algebra
              • Calendar
              • Data sufficiency

              ऊपर दिए गए सभी Math Topics को इस पीडीएफ में Cover किया   गया है. यही वो Important Topics हैं जिनको सभी परीक्षाओं में सबसे  अधिक पुछा जाता है

              Book NameMagical Book On Quicker Maths
              Size26 MB
              AuthorGS Score
              Pages424 Page


              Math trick ( लाभ – हानि )
              इस तरह का प्रश्न कभी भी परिक्षा में आये तो
              Q. एक वस्तु को 575 रूपये में बेचने पर जितना लाभ होता हैं उतनी ही हानी उसे 385 रूपये में बेचने से होती हैं उस वस्तु का क्रय मुल्य कितना हैं।
              उत्तर – पहले मुल्य को x मानने पर
              ओर दुसरे मुल्य को y मानने पर
              x = 575
              y = 385
              Trick लगाने पर
              क्रय मुल्य = (x+y) /2

              = (575+385)/2
              = 960/2
              = 480 रूपये उत्तर
              नोट- प्रश्न की पहचान जितना लाभ होता हैं उतनी ही हानि

              Quicker Maths Tricks Book By M. Tyra का PDF डाउनलोड करें

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              • SSC CGL 2018 Recruitment Apply Now
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              • Download Number System PDF Maths Notes
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              Download Quicker Maths Tricks Book By M. Tyra PDF In Hindi

              Note: Hindi version में Tricky Quicker Maths का PDF Download करने के लिए नीचे दिए गए Download Button को दबाएँ.

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              दोस्तों Quicker Maths Tricks PDF को पढ़ कर Practice करें. ये आपको प्रत्येक Competitive Exam में अच्छे अंक दिलाने में मदद करेगी और आपको सफल बनाएगी. आशा करते हैं ये Book आपको पसंद आई होगी.

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              General Knowledge PDF Books For Competitive Exams Download

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              faith baptist school longmont colorado

              Faith Baptist School Logo

              Phone: (303) 776-5677 | 833 15th Avenue | Longmont, Colorado 80501


              Faith Baptist School

              As a Christian school in Longmont, we have met the educational needs of families in Longmont as well as the North Denver Metro area and Northern Colorado since 1971. We desire to work in harmony with you as parents in accomplishing spiritual, academic, and social goals in the life of your students. We endeavor to assist parents in their God-given responsibility to “train up a child in the way he should go” and the church in its biblical mandate to “edify the body of Christ.”

              In addition to these spiritual objectives, FBS also offers a strong academic program, a tremendous fine arts department, and exciting athletic competition. We pray that this year our students will experience growth in all these areas as a result of being part of the Faith Baptist School family.

              If we can help you in any way or answer additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


              The purpose of Faith Baptist School is to assist parents in the training of their children to the conformity of the image of Jesus Christ through a balanced spiritual, academic, and extra-curricular educational program. Our goal is to produce graduates who not only demonstrate academic excellence, but also portray godly character in their Christian service and vocation. We realize that the primary responsibility of educating children is given by God to the parent. Faith Baptist School acts as an extension of the home for the purpose of educating the child.

              STATEMENT OF FAITH

              As an independent Baptist church, Faith Baptist School is not part of any organization of churches, convention, or fellowship. The leadership and members of the church believe that it is their responsibility to operate the church as God leads and to support the doctrines that He has established in His Word. Only Bible doctrines, as set forth in the Statement of Faith, will be subscribed to by Faith Baptist School and will not be subject to review by parents of students nor members of the church. If any parent objects to the Bible doctrines of Faith Baptist Church as expressed in the Statement of Faith, he should reconsider enrollment of his children in this school. It must be remembered that attendance at Faith Baptist School is a privilege and not a right.

              The doctrinal position of Faith Baptist School is the same as that set forth in the Constitution of Faith Baptist Church. The following is a brief summary:

              • The Bible is the verbally inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God.
              • There is one God, eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
              • The Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died for our sins, arose physically from the dead, ascended into heaven, and will return again in power and glory. Jesus is the great High Priest, and He makes intercession for us before God.
              • All men are sinful by nature and are at enmity with God; therefore, regeneration by the Holy Spirit is essential to their salvation.
              • Men are justified by faith in the shed blood of Christ and are saved by grace through faith.
              • Every born-again person should declare his faith by the act of baptism (immersion), and should be a member of a local New Testament church.
              • The Holy Spirit convicts of sin; makes believers children of God through the new birth, assuring them of heaven; and by his indwelling, enables Christians to lead godly lives.
              • Students will be permitted to enroll in Faith Baptist School who do not adhere to every doctrinal position set forth in the Statement of Faith. However, they will not be retained if they seek to argue or promote their differing opinions.


              Faith Baptist School is located in a two-story educational wing of Faith Baptist Church. Classrooms are large, air-conditioned, and include a science lab and a computer lab. A large, fenced-in, grassy playground is utilized for recess. Band and choir concerts, plays, and special programs are held in the adjacent gym which contains a full basketball/volleyball court, bleachers, stage, weight room, locker rooms, band room, and kitchen.


              Academic Calendar

              Faith Baptist School is pleased to offer you a convenient, online method for your tuition payments! Please click the link below to get started today.

              Faith Baptist School
              833 15th Ave
              Longmont, CO 80501
              Phone: (303) 776-5677
              Email us at: [email protected]

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              Breaking News
              Chris Watts case: Everything we know so far

              Chris Watts case: Everything we know so far

              Longmont’s Faith Baptist School to close down after 45 years

              9:33 PM, Apr 25, 2016

              faith baptist church

              | shutting down

              | enrollment

              | faith baptist school

              | closing

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              Copyright 2016 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

              LONGMONT, Colo. – The Faith Baptist School in Longmont has announced that it will close its doors for good after 45 years when the school year ends next month.

              The Christian educational institution issued the following statement about its decision Monday, citing decreasing enrollment and funding:

              "Faith Baptist School began in 1971 as a ministry of Faith Baptist Church. Due to decreased enrollment and funding, the decision has been made to cease operations of Faith Baptist School at the conclusion of the 2015-2016 school year. We are thankful for the many years of service to Longmont and the surrounding communities and for the many students, parents, faculty, and staff who have been a part of Faith Baptist School. We rest in God’s sovereign direction and provision, and firmly believe that He uses all things for good (Romans 8:28)."

              The school, founded in 1971 as a ministry of Faith Baptist Church, had about 135 students from pre-kindergarten through high school in 2011. At the time, then-principal Dan Perryman attributed declining enrollment to more charter schools in the area and a struggling economy.

              Principal Jared Gunderson says student enrollment has dropped to 79, down from the school’s record-high of 350 students in the 1999-2000 school year.

              School officials say they’re working with parents and staff as they prepare to close in May.

              Share Article

              Share Article

              korean school names list







              grrrltraveler logo 2017grrrltraveler logo 2017

              10 shocking facts about Korean schools

              MyCrazyKimchi Crazy Korea , Should you teach in Korea? , Teaching English 140 Comments


              10 shocking things about Korean schools, teaching in EPIK Korea, teaching in a korean classroom
              As a foreigner teaching public elementary in Korea , I’ll readily admit, there are many differences between Korea and the U.S. Each day is far from boring.

              Within the first month of teaching, here’s 10 shocking facts I learned about Korean schools:

              1.  Korean high school students have a 16 hour school day

              Just how strongly do Koreans feel about education? It would shock you.

              The average high school student generally has class from about 8am until 9:30pm or 10pm. For the average Korean high school student, the goal is to get into good college and often, the competition is high.

              As a result, many will attend a hagwon (aka a private after school learning program) to accelerate their learning. Hagwons are private entities, which help reinforce higher education and English skills, so there is often a high demand for them. Often, they are run strictly like a business, running one class after another, prepping students for exams and drilling skills into them from the textbook. For students, this is perhaps, their one social outlet and way to meet other friends.

              Due to education being the main extracurricular sport, the average teen doesn’t get home until midnight. Thus, dinner is actually served at school.

              Middle school is a bit more lenient, as classes end around 4pm, with a possible hagwon learning afterwards.

              Read/Watch my YouTube video: EPIK vs Hagwon: Which is better?

              2.   School on Saturdays.

              If you think Korean students have the weekend for recreation, think again. The official school days were originally Monday to Saturday, which didn’t make for happy students or teachers.

              Since 2010 (during my teaching assignment), the school schedule, has changed and loosened up. Now the Korean public school system has two Saturdays per month, off.

              Update: A volunteer from the Korean Culture and Information Service(KOCIS) has informed me that “…since 2012, Korean public school system has every Saturdays off.”

              3.  Oh, respected Teacher…

              In Korea, the saying is “Teachers are as high as God“.

              You wouldn’t guess that from their pay scale, but teachers hold a valuable and respected place in society.  Korea emphasizes education and schooling to the power of a hundred. As a result, Korea possesses a high regard for its Korean teachers as being pillars of the schooling system.

              Retirement age isn’t until 65 years old. Seniority means increased pay and the overall work hours, holidays and vacation benefits are said to be better than regular office jobs.

              4. The Business side of Teaching

              Whoever thought I’d be making Powerpoint presentations (download a sample here ) and saving files on USB memory sticks for my teaching job? Those tools sound like an office job. But these are tools of the trade in my school.

              Dress attire? Professional to office casual attire is recommended, starting at elementary school.  Korea is a fashionable and stylish culture. A nice suit with jacket or blazer is a good starter as one must look respectable when teaching.

              Read: A Day in a Life of an EPIK Teacher

              teaching in EPIK Korea, teaching in a korean classroom

              Classrooms come with a computer (or computer counsel), connected to either, an overhead projector system or an LCD flat screen.  This doesn’t mean all teachers are tech saavy, though.

              teaching in korea, teaching at EPIK Korea, working in Korea, Korean computers 10 shocking facts about korean schools

              5.   The  five year teacher-principal rotation cycle

              Teachers rotate schools every five years.  It doesn’t matter if you love your school or not.

              After each five year term, the teachers, vice principal and principal undergo a lottery system and have to change schools. Thus, each year, a school may get new staff.

              This system is born to give each teacher an equal opportunity to work at good schools and bad. All teaching staff is subject to a valuation system and receive points for exams they take, workshops they attend as well as, receive incentive points for how well their school ranks in the district . Also, there are certain schools which are known to be model schools (these are the schools that Korean teachers want to teach at) where they have high performing students and other Korean teachers (and native English teachers like me), will make a trip to see how they run their classes and organize their programs to get their students to focus and learn. Learning is a serious business!

              Korea's model schools, PCs in Korean, workplace computers in Korea, teaching English in Korea, what is it like teaching English in Korea, teaching schedule in Korea, English lesson plans in Korea

              Model schools are where many Korean teachers want to teach at. They breed excellence in their curriculums and students are high learners.

              6.  Role playing via Hollywood style

              Some schools have blue screen technology and/or rooms with “role-playing sets” for kids to enact situations in.   One class example we saw was a market checkout scene.. they had aisles, shelves and a real conveyor belt.

              I eventually even worked at a Korean musical camp and we had role-playing rooms from traffic school (I had to wear a police hat and jacket and set up traffic cones) to a hospital room, with eye charts, stethoscope, height and weight scales, examination table, wheelchair and a doctor’s lab coat!  Chincha?

              role playing in education, roleplaying for learning, role play games, PCs in Korean, workplace computers in Korea, teaching English in Korea, what is it like teaching English in Korea, teaching schedule in Korea, English lesson plans in Korea

              Aren’t they adorable? I love teaching English to my Korean students

              Blue screen

              7.   Corporal punishment is still alive.

              While in the U.S., corporal punishment of children blares “lawsuit”,  the Korean educational system and parents have less of an issue with physical discipline in school classrooms.

              Corporal punishment used to be allowed, and now, is somewhat tolerated,  covertly. It is 2010.  The school system is cracking down on this abuse, but it still happens in some schools. One of my fellow expat friends said they have a disciplinary stick in their school, that Korean teachers use  called the “magic wand”. Usually the disciplinarian is a male teacher.    Click here for an article on the subject (although it is a bit dated)

              Korea has however, employed physical discipline for disobedience in the past. The one below is a hands-off method I’ve seen used in some classrooms, as a way to make the students reflect on their wrong behavior, by challenging their mental endurance.

              corporeal punishment in Korea, discipline in Korean schools, teaching English in Korea, Korean classroomCommon punishment (though not corporeal) for young ones is hands out or raised in air.

              8.   Why some Korean students have “English” names.

              Korean folks with English names are often very proud of them. Alice, Lola or Angelina… Some just make you want to hold back a giggle, because they’re either dated or feel like “roleplay names”.  But ever wonder where Koreans get their names?

              Well, you can blame it on the foreign English teacher that gave it to them!

              Some school English programs and hagwons suggest students be given English names for better immersion and occasionally it’s up to some twenty-something half-grown EFL teacher to do so! In my EPIK teacher orientation , one  lecturer told us we might want to have a fishbowl of at least 25-100 English names for kids to choose from or to assign to students.

              Then again, some teachers let their students pick their names!  So if you have a student that comes up to you and introduces himself as Robocop (true story!)  you can probably guess what happened.

              Read •  1o (More) Shocking Facts about Korean Schools

              9.  Students take responsibility for the cleanliness of their school.

              One thing I admire about Korean values is that the Korean school system teaches students to be responsible for the care of their school. While employed janitors tend to major chores… trash on the school grounds, are actually done by students each morning  before the school bell rings!

              10.    Shoe Etiquette in the Classrooms

              You know that Asian tradition of taking your shoes off when you enter a house?  Yeah, well I practice it in the U.S. with my family in Hawaii.

              Korean culture and etiquette has a similar tradition as many Asian cultures, as they consider the feet to be dirty; so dirty that in fact, they wear house slippers at home.  But the shoe etiquette goes beyond the house and into the classroom. Students and school staff must remove their outdoor shoes and change into “school slippers” upon entering the building.

              Read  10 unusual things you didn’t know about Koreans

              10 more shocking facts about korean schools, teaching in Korea, teaching at EPIK Korea, 10 shocking facts about korean schools, korean culture 10 shocking facts about korean schools:  My outdoor shoes & my school sandals .
              (Below) School Shoes for Kids

              Bonus video:

              Watch my first day at my Korean Public Elementary School .

              How different is Korean culture from your own? Know of more shocking facts about Korean schools?  Care to share any idiosyncrasies you’ve experienced?

               More about Korean culture:

              140 Comments. Leave new

              Lesson #5: “Why we all need to intervention” – Examining Exams

              September 25, 2017 1:14 pm

              […] average high school student has a 16 hour school day, from 8am to […]

              Eugene Cho

              December 17, 2016 6:47 am

              It is difficult to think that you have worked as an elementary school teacher, knowing these information. Unfortunately, (maybe fortunately for Korean students) most of these information is wrong. Many are corrected by other students above. However I see you haven’t fixed them.

              First of all, most students don’t stay in school for 16 hours. Most of them go to hagwon instead.

              Second of all, there are some schools on Saturday. However, it is only for students who would like to come for additional lessons. They teach stuff like ping pong and cooking, but you’d have to pay for it.

              Third, respecting teachers is a part of culture. From your writing, I highly suspect whether you have actually lived in Korea. Anyone who has lived temporarily in Korea would know that it is a tradition (although being damaged recently) to respect others. One of the four saints of the world, Gongja, referred Korea as the ‘polite country on the East’. Besides, you have said you worked as an elementary school teacher; students don’t treat teachers like god. There also is no such saying. If you had thought it as a surprise, it’s just due to difference of culture.

              Fourth, you don’t need a powerpoint to teach. It’s just style of teaching. The reason they have dress codes is to respect others. Some Koreans think that it is impolite to wear specific types of clothes. Besides, it is not strict.

              Seven, corporal punishment has been banned. Since September of 2011, it has officially been banned because it violates the rights of students.

              Eight, you have wrong reason for why Korean students have English names. My name is 유진, and it should be written as Yoojin. Since many foreigners have difficulty pronouncing ‘Yoojin’, and I don’t like to be called by strange names, my name is ‘Eugene’. Even though ‘Eugene’ is a boy’s name, more foreigners are pronouncing my name correctly.
              You may say that it is easy to pronounce ‘Yoojin’. But let’s take my sister’s name for example. Her name is 예원, and you write it as ‘Yewon’ (not available to put it in English completely due to lack of alphabet; it is pronounced completely differently). Isn’t it easier to write it as ‘Noel’?
              English names are made for you, foreigners, and for us. It does not stress you out because it is difficult to memorize the names. Foreigners do not have to be stressed out due to difficulty in pronouncing the names. We aren’t offended by awkward pronunciation of yours. It is a culture of respect. If Korean names were similar with English names, no one would have made English names.

              Nine, students don’t clean the school completely. For kids, parents volunteer. The outside of school is cleaned by teachers and volunteers. People are hired to clean bathroom. There are also other people who also work to clean the school.

              Ten, it is not because we consider feet to be dirty. It is our culture. Ask any foreigner who has lived in South Korea long enough. Due to system called ‘Ondol’, Koreans have warm floor. To benefit the system fully, Korean culture is often sitting on the floor. Therefore, there was no need for shoes inside the house. This is why we don’t wear shoes.

              Reading your writing, I seriously was confused because I did not know that foreigners can have such point of view toward South Korea. However, thinking about it, I doubt you having seen the high school at South Korea. Please email me if you think I am wrong. However, please change the wrong information; some can be offending to Koreans.


              November 30, 2016 2:56 am

              everything here is not true or like informatino from 10 years ago lol this website is a scam IMO LOL

              Ashanti Matthew Lee

              October 13, 2016 2:36 pm

              The 16 hours is not compulsory: normal high school hours are from around 9-5. Students can choose to attend those extra sessions. Furthermore, those classes are usually not as strict and have a much more relaxing atmosphere than during the normal session, plus they are not graded.

              At first I thought the rotating teacher rule was bad, but after experiencing private-public schools where they don’t have to do that, I kind of agree. It helps to keep teachers updated with their curriculum and on their toes, plus it was designed that way so not all the best teachers would end up in one place for long periods of time. I have taught in schools that did not have to follow that rule and seen teachers that still teach the same way they did 20 years ago.

              The business aspect: I do not know why this is unusual. A teacher in the states nowadays creates PPT’s and uses computers and smart-boards. It’s 2016.

              Teachers are not as high as ‘god’, that is an old saying, but respected nonetheless. I think from an American perspective it might seem unusual, but should it be? The fact is American teachers do not get enough respect and I think that is skewing peoples’ perspective.

              The punishment aspect has been diminishing and a teacher can get in serious trouble for using it (physically). The other ways, such as holding out a students hands, or holding up their arms are largely laughed by the students.


              September 27, 2016 12:57 am

              Korea is pure hell if you live there as a student. The competition and pressure is just too damn high. Korea is also not the place to live in if you love nature. The nature here is way too overcrowded and boring as fuck. The extreme temperatures also make Korea a horrible place to live. Air quality is shitty as well.


              April 29, 2018 2:33 pm

              Hey dude! Chill out bro, it’s not that bad here. I agree with the pressure, but we do have a whole lot of forest-y (I know that’s not a word) mountains, about 70% of korea are mountains, and the extreme temperature thing isn’t that bad as you say. At least it’s better than some countries, and for the air quality, really? If you think Korea is shitty, then try living in China. Now that’s what you call shitty air quality.

              Korean student

              September 16, 2016 3:24 am



              November 19, 2016 9:13 pm

              most of all are untrue.don’t believe every things in here.


              September 2, 2016 5:14 am

              it make fun i think?task in your life made you more responsible ?and give give a big courage for facing your problems in life ❤ this life is small so you may enjoy and be serious for some matter ?


              September 2, 2016 5:04 am

              hii i’m 16 and i am in first year of junior colleage . so could tou tell me ageof the students according to there class


              September 2, 2016 4:56 am

              There education system is as similar as indian education system? .i’m also a student of high school and i want to study there i think it made fun ?alot for me ? but i don’t know about ?how i’ll be applied in high school of southKorea Can any help me for that ????


              September 2, 2016 4:48 am

              hey this is as similar as to an indian education.i am student of high school and i want to study in south korea . It will make too much fun to study there and hope just i’ll be studied there ohh god how i applied for that i don’t know so what i do for that

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              List of universities and colleges in South Korea

              From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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              This is a list of institutions of higher education in South Korea .

              Quick index[ edit ]

              A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U W Y

              A[ edit ]

              • Agricultural Cooperative College – Goyang , Gyeonggi
              • Ajou Motor College – Boryeong , South Chungcheong
              • Ajou University – Suwon , Gyeonggi
              • Andong Institute of Information Technology – Andong , North Gyeongsang
              • Andong National University – Andong, North Gyeongsang
              • Andong Science College – Andong, North Gyeongsang
              • Ansan University – Ansan , Gyeonggi
              • Ansung Polytechnic College – Anseong , Gyeonggi
              • Anyang University – Anyang, Gyeonggi
              • Asan Information and Technology Polytechnic College – Asan , South Chungcheong
              • Asia LIFE University – Daejeon
              • Asia United Theological University – Seoul and Yangpyeong County

              B[ edit ]

              See also under P

              • Baekseok Arts University – Seoul
              • Baekseok Culture University – Cheonan,
              • Baekseok University – Cheonan, South Chungcheong
              • Baewha Women’s University – Seoul
              • Berea University of Graduate Studies – Seoul
              • Bucheon University – Bucheon , Gyeonggi
              • Busan Arts College – Busan
              • Busan College of Information Technology – Busan
              • Busan Jangsin University – see Busan Presbyterian University
              • Busan Kyungsang College – Busan
              • Busan National University of Education – Busan
              • Busan Polytechnic College – Busan
              • Busan Presbyterian University – Gimhae , South Gyeongsang
              • Byuksung College – Gimje , North Jeolla

              C[ edit ]

              See also under J

              • Calvin University – Yongin , Gyeonggi
              • Capital Baptist Theological Seminary – Anseong, Gyeonggi
              • Catholic Sangji College – Andong, North Gyeongsang
              • Catholic University of Daegu – Gyeongsan , North Gyeongsang
              • Catholic University of Korea – Seoul and Bucheon City, Gyeonggi
              • Catholic University of Pusan – Busan
              • Changshin University – Masan , South Gyeongsang
              • Changwon National University – Changwon, South Gyeongsang
              • Changwon Polytechnic College – Changwon , South Gyeongsang
              • Cheju Halla University – Jeju City , Jeju
              • Cheju National University of Education – see Jeju National University of Education
              • Cheju Tourism College – Bukjeju County , Jeju
              • Cheonan College of Foreign Studies – see Baekseok College
              • Chonbuk National University – Jeonju, North Jeolla
              • Cheonan National Technical College – Cheonan, South Chungcheong
              • Cheonan University – Cheonan, South Chungcheong
              • Cheonan Yonam College – Cheonan, South Chungcheong
              • Cheongju National University of Education – Cheongju , North Chungcheong
              • Cheongju Polytechnic College – Cheongju, North Chungcheong
              • Cheongju University – Cheongju, North Chungcheong
              • Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology – Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
              • Chinju National University of Education – Jinju , South Gyeongsang
              • Chodang University – Muan County , South Jeolla
              • Chonbuk National University – see Jeonbuk National University
              • Chongin College – see Jeonbuk Science College
              • Chongju National College of Science and Technology – Cheongju and Jeungpyeong County , North Chungcheong
              • Chongju University – see Cheongju University
              • Chongshin University – Seoul
              • Chonnam National University – Gwangju
              • Choonhae College – Ulsan
              • Chosun University – Gwangju
              • Christian College of Nursing – Gwangju
              • Chugye University for the Arts – Seoul
              • Chuncheon Polytechnic College – Chuncheon , Gangwon
              • Chuncheon National University of Education – Chuncheon, Gangwon
              • Chung Cheong University – Cheongju, North Chungcheong
              • Chung-Ang University – Seoul and Anseong City, Gyeonggi
              • Chungbuk National University – Cheongju, North Chungcheong
              • Chungbuk Provincial College – Okcheon County , North Chungcheong
              • Chungju National University – Chungju , North Chungcheong
              • Chungkang College of Cultural Industries – Icheon , Gyeonggi
              • Chungnam Provincial College – South Chungcheong
              • Chungnam National University – Daejeon
              • Chungwoon University – Hongseong County, South Chungcheong
              • Chunnam Techno University – Gokseong County , South Jeolla

              D[ edit ]

              See also under T

              • Daebul University – Yeongam County , South Jeolla
              • Daecheon College – see Ajou Motor College
              • Daedong College – Busan
              • Daeduk College – Daejeon
              • Daegu Arts University – Chilgok County, North Gyeongsang
              • Daegu Cyber University – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang
              • Daegu Haany University – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang and Daegu
              • Daegu Health College – Daegu
              • Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology – Daegu
              • Daegu Mirae College – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang
              • Daegu National University of Education – Daegu
              • Daegu Polytechnic College – Daegu
              • Daegu Technical University – Daegu
              • Daegu University – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang
              • Daegu University of Foreign Studies – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang
              • Daehan Graduate School of Theology – Anyang , Gyeonggi
              • Daejin University – Pocheon , Gyeonggi
              • Daejeon Health Sciences College – Daejeon
              • Daejeon Polytechnic College – Daejeon
              • Daejeon University – Daejeon Shini Kunku
              • Daelim College – Anyang, Gyeonggi
              • Daewon Science College – Jecheon , North Chungcheong
              • Dankook University – Seoul and Cheonan City, South Chungcheong
              • Dong-A College – Yeongam County, South Jeolla
              • Dong-A University – Busan
              • Dong-Ah Broadcasting College – Anseong, Gyeonggi
              • Dongduk Women’s University – Seoul
              • Dong-eui University – Busan
              • Dongguk University – Seoul and Gyeongju City, North Gyeongsang
              • Dongju College – Busan
              • Dongkang College – Gwangju
              • Dongnam Health College – Suwon , Gyeonggi
              • Dong-Pusan College – Busan
              • Dongseo University – Busan
              • Dong Seoul College – Seongnam , Gyeonggi
              • Dongshin University – Naju , South Jeolla
              • Dong-U College – Sokcho, Gangwon
              • Dongyang Mirae University – Seoul
              • Doowon Technical College – Anseong, Gyeonggi
              • Duksung Women’s University – Seoul

              E[ edit ]

              • Eulji University – Daejeon
              • Ewha Womans University – Seoul

              F[ edit ]

              • Far East University – Eumseong County , North Chungcheong

              G[ edit ]

              See also under K

              • Gachon Medical School – Incheon
              • Gachongil College – Incheon
              • Gachon University – Seongnam, Gyeonggi
              • Gangdong College – Eumseong, North Chungcheong
              • Gangneung-Wonju National University – Gangneung, Gangwon
              • Gangneung Yeongdong College – Gangneung , Gangwon
              • Gangwon Provincial College – Gangneung, Gangwon
              • Geochang Polytechnic College – Geochang , South Gyeongsang
              • Geumgang University – Nonsan
              • Gimcheon Science College – see Kimcheon Science College
              • Gochang Polytechnic College – Gochang County , North Jeolla
              • Gongju National University of Education – Gongju , South Chungcheong
              • Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation (GSIT) – see Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
              • Graduate School of Korean Studies – Seongnam, Gyeonggi
              • Gukje Digital University – Suwon, Gyeonggi
              • Gumi University – Gumi , North Gyeongsang
              • Gumi Polytechnic College – Gumi, North Gyeongsang
              • Gwangju Catholic University – Gwangju
              • Gwangju Health University – Gwangju
              • Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) – Gwangju
              • Gwangju National University of Education – Gwangju
              • Gwangju Polytechnic College – Gwangju
              • Gwangju University – Gwangju
              • Gyeongbuk Provincial College – North Gyeongsang
              • Gyeongin National University of Education – Incheon
              • Gyeongju University – Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang
              • Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology – Jinju
              • Gyeongnam Provincial Geochang College – South Gyeongsang
              • Gyeongnam Provincial Namhae College – South Gyeongsang
              • Gyeongsang National University – Jinju, South Gyeongsang
              • Gimcheon University – Gimcheon , North Gyeongsang
              • Gumi University – Gumi , North Gyeongsang

              H[ edit ]

              • Halla University – Wonju , Gangwon
              • Hallym College of Information and Industry – Chuncheon, Gangwon
              • Hallym University – Chuncheon, Gangwon
              • Hanbat National University – Daejeon
              • Handong Global University – Pohang , North Gyeongsang
              • Hanil University – Wanju County , North Jeolla and Jeonju, North Jeolla
              • Hankuk Aviation University – Goyang, Gyeonggi
              • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies – Seoul & Gyeonggi
              • Hankyong National University – Anseong, Gyeonggi
              • Hanlyo University – Gwangyang , South Jeolla
              • Hanmin University – Yeonsan
              • Hannam University – Daejon
              • Hansei University – Gunpo , Gyeonggi
              • Hanseo University – Seosan , South Chungcheong
              • Hanshin University – Osan , Gyeonggi
              • Hansung Technical College – Seoul
              • Hansung University – Seoul
              • Hanyang University – Seoul
              • Hanyang Women’s College – Seoul
              • Hanyeong College – Yeosu , South Jeolla
              • Hanyoung Theological University – Seoul
              • Hanzhung University – Donghae , Ganwon
              • Hapdong Theological Seminary – Suwon, Gyeonggi
              • Honam Theological University and Seminary – Gwangju
              • Honam University – Gwangju
              • Hongik University – Seoul
              • Hongseong Polytechnic College – Hongseong County, South Chungcheong
              • Hoseo University – Asan, South Chungcheong
              • Howon University – Gunsan, North Jeolla
              • Hyechon College – Daejeon
              • Hyejeon College – Hongseong County, South Chungcheong
              • Hyupsung University – Hwaseong, Gyeonggi

              I[ edit ]

              • Information and Communications University – Daejeon
              • Iksan National College – Iksan , North Jeolla
              • Incheon Catholic University – Incheon
              • Incheon National University – Incheon
              • Incheon Polytechnic College – Incheon
              • Incheon National University of Education – see Gyeongin National University of Education
              • Induk University – Seoul
              • Inha Technical College – Incheon
              • Inha University – Incheon
              • Inje University – Gimhae , South Gyeongsang
              • International Graduate School of English – Seoul

              J[ edit ]

              See also under C

              • Jangan University – Hwaseong, Gyeonggi
              • JEI University – Incheon
              • Jecheon Polytechnic College – Jecheon , North Chungcheong
              • Jeju College of Technology – Jeju City, Jeju (unification with Tamna University , now Jeju International University )
              • Jeju International University – Jeju City, Jeju
              • Jeju National University – Jeju City, Jeju
              • Jeonbuk Polytechnic College – Gimje, North Jeolla
              • Jeonju Kijeon Women’s College – Jeonju, North Jeolla
              • Jeonju National University of Education – Jeonju, North Jeolla
              • Jeonju Technical College – Jeonju, North Jeolla
              • Jeonju University – Jeonju, North Jeolla
              • Jeonnam Provincial College – Damyang County and Jangheung County , South Jeolla
              • Jinju College – Jinju, South Gyeongsang
              • Jinju Health College – Jinju, South Gyeongsang
              • Jinju National University – Jinju, South Gyeongsang
              • Jisan College – see Catholic University of Pusan
              • Joong-ang Sangha University – Gimpo , Gyeonggi
              • Joongbu University – Geumsan County , South Chungcheong
              • Jungseok Institute of Technology – Seoul
              • Juseong College – Cheongwon County , North Chungcheong

              K[ edit ]

              See also under G

              • KAIST – Daejeon, abbreviated term of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
              • Kangnam University – Yongin , Gyeonggi
              • Kangwon National University – Chuncheon and Samcheok , Gangwon
              • Kangwon Tourism College – Taebaek , Gangwon
              • Kaya University – Goryeong , North Gyeongsang and Gimhae , South Gyeongsang
              • Kaywon School of Art and Design – Uiwang , Gyeonggi
              • KDI School of Public Policy and Management – Seoul
              • Keimyung College – Daegu
              • Keimyung University – Daegu
              • Keukdong College – Eumseong County, North Chungcheong
              • Kimcheon Science College – Gimcheon , North Gyeongsang
              • Kimpo College – Gimpo, Gyeonggi
              • Kkottongnae Hyundo University of Social Welfare – Cheongwon County, North Chungcheong
              • Koje College – Geoje , South Gyeonsang
              • Kongju Communication Arts College – Gongju, South Chungcheong
              • Kongju National University – Gongju, South Chungcheong
              • Konkuk University – Seoul and Chungju City, North Chungcheong
              • Konyang University – Nonsan , South Chungcheong and Daejeon
              • Kookmin University – Seoul
              • Korea Aerospace University – Goyang, Gyeonggi
              • Korea Air Force Academy – Cheongwon County, North Chungcheong
              • Korea Baptist Theological University – Daejeon
              • Korea Christian University – Seoul
              • Korea Cyber University – Seoul
              • Korea Digital University – Seoul
              • Korea Maritime University – Busan
              • Korea Military Academy – Seoul
              • Korea National College of Rehabilitation and Welfare – Pyeongtaek , Gyeonggi
              • Korea National Defense University – Seoul
              • Korea National Open University – Seoul
              • Korea National Police University – Yongin, Gyeonggi
              • Korea National University of Arts – Seoul
              • Korea National University of Education – Cheongwon County, North Chungcheong
              • Korea National Railroad College – Uiwang, Gyeonggi
              • Korea National Sport University – Seoul
              • Korea Nazarene University – Cheonan, South Chungcheong
              • Korea Polytechnics
                • Korea Polytechnic I – Seoul and Seongnam , Gyeonggi
                • Korea Polytechnic II – Anseong , Incheon , Hwaseong, Gyeonggi
                • Korea Polytechnic III – Chuncheon , Wonju and Gangneung
                • Korea Polytechnic IV – Daejeon , Cheongju , Chungju , Asan and Hongseong
                • Korea Polytechnic V – Gwangju , Gimje , Mokpo , Iksan and Suncheon
                • Korea Polytechnic VI – Daegu , Gumi , Pohang and Yeongju
                • Korea Polytechnic VII – Busan , Ulsan , Changwon and Jinju
                • Korea Aviation Polytechnic – Sacheon , South Gyeongsang
                • Korea Bio Polytechnic – Nonsan , South Chungcheong
                • Korea Textile and Fashion Polytechnic – Daegu
                • Korea Women’s Polytechnic – Gyeonggi
              • Korea Polytechnic University
              • Korea Tourism College – Icheon, Gyeonggi
              • Korea University – Seoul
              • Korea University of Science and Technology – Daejeon and Seoul
              • Korea University of Technology and Education – Cheonan, South Chungcheong
              • Korean National University of Cultural Heritage – Buyeo County , South Chungcheong
              • Korean Bible University – Seoul
              • Kosin University – Busan
              • Kukje Theological University and Seminary – Seoul
              • Kumoh National Institute of Technology – Gumi, North Gyeongsang
              • Kunjang College – Gunsan, North Jeolla
              • Kunsan College of Nursing – Gunsan, North Jeolla
              • Kunsan National University – Gunsan, North Jeolla
              • Kwandong University – Gangneung, Gangwon
              • Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology – Gwangju
              • Kwangju Polytechnic College – Gwangju
              • Kwangju Women’s University – Gwangju
              • Kwangshin University – Gwangju
              • Kwangwoon University – Seoul
              • Kwangyang Health College – Gwangyang, South Jeolla
              • Kyeyak Graduate School of Theology – Gwangju, Gyeonggi
              • Kyongbuk College of Science – Chilgok County , North Gyeongsang
              • Kyonggi Institute of Technology – Siheung, Gyeonggi
              • Kyonggi University – Seoul and Suwon City, Gyeonggi
              • Kyongju University – see Gyeongju University
              • Kyungbok University – Pocheon, Gyeonggi
              • Kyungbuk College – Yeongju , North Gyeongsang
              • Kyungbuk Foreign Language Techno College – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang
              • Kyungdong College of Techno-Information – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang
              • Kyungdong University – Goseong , Gangwon
              • Kyunghee University – Seoul
              • Kyungil University – Gyeongsan City, North Gyeongsang
              • Kyungin Women’s College – Incheon
              • Kyungmin College – Uijeongbu , Gyeonggi
              • Kyungmoon College – Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi
              • Kyungnam College of Information and Technology – Busan
              • Kyungnam University – Changwon, South Gyeongsang
              • Kyungpook National University – Daegu
              • Kyungsung University – Busan
              • Kyungwon College – Seongnam, Gyeonggi
              • Kyungwoon University – Gumi, North Gyeongsang

              L[ edit ]

              • Luther University – Yongin, Gyeonggi

              M[ edit ]

              • Masan University – Masan, South Gyeongsang
              • Methodist Theological University – Seoul
              • Miryang National University – Miryang, South Gyeongsang
              • Mokpo Catholic University – Mokpo, South Jeolla
              • Mokpo National Maritime University – Mokpo, South Jeolla
              • Mokpo National University – Mokpo, South Jeolla
              • Mokpo Polytechnic College – Mokpo, South Jeolla
              • Mokpo Science University – Mokpo, South Jeolla
              • Mokwon University – Daejeon
              • Mun Kyung College – Mungyeong , North Gyeongsang
              • Myongji University – Seoul
              • Myungshin University – Suncheon , South Jeolla

              N[ edit ]

              • Naju College – Naju, South Jeolla
              • Nambu University – Gwangju
              • Namseoul University – Cheonan, South Chungcheong
              • National Medical Center College of Nursing – Seoul

              O[ edit ]

              • Open Cyber University – Seoul
              • Osan University – Osan, Gyeonggi

              P[ edit ]

              See also under B

              • Paekche Institute of the Arts – Wanju County , North Jeolla
              • Pai Chai University – Daejeon
              • Pohang College – Pohang, North Gyeongsang
              • Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) – Pohang, North Gyeongsang
              • Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary – Seoul
              • Pukyong National University – Busan
              • Pusan Arts College – Busan
              • Pusan National University – Busan
              • Pusan University of Foreign Studies – Busan
              • Pusan Women’s College – Busan
              • Pyeongtaek University – Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi

              R[ edit ]

              • Red Cross College of Nursing – Seoul

              S[ edit ]

              • Saekyung College – Yeongwol County, Gangwon
              • Sahmyook University – Seoul
              • Samcheok National University – Samcheok, Gangwon (unification with Kangwon National University , now KNU Samcheok Campus )
              • Sangji University – Wonju, Gangwon
              • Sangju National University – Sangju , North Gyeongsang
              • Sangmyung University – Seoul and Cheonan City, South Chungcheong
              • Sejong University – Seoul
              • Semin Digital University – Daegu
              • Semyung University – Jecheon, North Chungcheong
              • Seoil University – Seoul
              • Seojeong University – Yangju, Gyeonggi
              • Seoyeong University – Gwangju
              • Seokyeong University – Seoul
              • Seongnam Polytechnic College – Seongnam, Gyeonggi
              • Seoul Bible Graduate School of Theology – Seoul
              • Seoul Christian University – Seoul
              • Seoul Cyber University – Seoul
              • Seoul Digital University – Seoul
              • Seoul Health College – Seongnam, Gyeonggi
              • Seoul Institute of the Arts – Ansan, Gyeonggi
              • Seoul IT Polytechnic College – Seoul
              • Seoul Jangsin University – Seoul and Gwangju City, Gyeonggi
              • Seoul-Jeongsu Polytechnic College – Seoul
              • Seoul National University – Seoul
              • Seoul National University of Education – Seoul
              • Seoul National University of Science and Technology – Seoul
              • Seoul Sports Graduate University – Seoul
              • Seoul Theological University – Bucheon, Gyeonggi
              • Seoul Women’s College of Nursing – Seoul
              • Seoul Women’s University – Seoul
              • Seowon University – Cheongju, North Chungcheong
              • Shin Ansan University – Ansan, Gyeonggi
              • Shingu College – Seongnam, Gyeonggi
              • Shinheung College – Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi
              • Shinkyeong University – Hwaseong, Gyeonggi
              • Shinsung University – Dangjin County , South Chungcheong
              • Silla University – Busan
              • Sogang University – Seoul
              • Sohae College – Gunsan, North Jeolla
              • Songho College – Hoengseong County , Gangwon
              • Songwon University – Gwangju
              • Sookmyung Women’s University – Seoul
              • Soonchunhyang University – Asan, South Chungcheong
              • Soong Eui Women’s College – Seoul
              • Soongsil University – Seoul
              • Sorabol College – Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang
              • Suncheon Cheongam College – Suncheon, South Jeolla
              • Suncheon First College – Suncheon, South Jeolla
              • Sunchon National University – Suncheon, South Jeolla
              • Sung-duk College – Yeongcheon , North Gyeongsang
              • Sungsan Hyodo Graduate School – Incheon
              • Sunghwa College – Gangjin County , South Jeolla
              • Sungkonghoe University – Seoul
              • Sungkyul University – Anyang, Gyeonggi
              • Sungkyunkwan University – Seoul and Suwon City, Gyeonggi
              • Sungmin University – Cheonan and Seoul
              • Sungshin Women’s University – Seoul
              • Sunlin University – Pohang, North Gyeongsang
              • Sunmoon University – Asan and Cheonan, South Chungcheong
              • Suwon Catholic University – Hwaseong, Gyeonggi
              • Suwon Science College – Hwaseong, Gyeonggi
              • Suwon Women’s College – Suwon

              T[ edit ]

              See also under D

              • Taegu Science College – Daegu
              • Taekyeung University – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang
              • Taeshin Christian University – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang
              • Tamna University – Seogwipo , Jeju (unification with Jeju College of Technology , now Jeju International University )
              • Tongmyong University – Busan
              • Tongwon University – Gwangju, Gyeonggi
              • Torch Trinity Graduate University – Seoul
              • Transnational Law and Business University – Goyang, Gyeonggi

              U[ edit ]

              • Uiduk University – Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang
              • Ulsan College – Ulsan
              • Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology – Ulsan
              • University of Incheon – Incheon
              • University of Seoul – Seoul
              • University of Science & Technology – Daejeon and Seoul
              • University of Suwon – Suwon
              • University of Ulsan – Ulsan

              W[ edit ]

              • Westminster Graduate School of Theology – Seoul
              • Won Buddhism Graduate School – Iksan, North Jeolla
              • Wonju National College – Wonju, Gangwon
              • Wonkwang Health Science College – Iksan, North Jeolla
              • Wonkwang University – Iksan, North Jeolla
              • Woongji Accounting & Tax College – Paju, Gyeonggi
              • Woosong Information College – Daejeon
              • Woosong Technical College – Daejeon
              • Woosong University – Daejeon
              • Woosuk University – Wanju County, North Jeolla

              Y[ edit ]

              • Yaeil Seminary – Hwaseong, Gyeonggi
              • Yangsan College – Yangsan, South Gyeongsang
              • Yeojoo Institute of Technology – Yeoju County, Gyeonggi
              • Yeungjin College – Daegu
              • Yeungnam College of Science and Technology – Daegu
              • Yeungnam University – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang
              • Yeonsung University – Anyang, Gyeonggi
              • Yewon Arts University – Imsil County, North Jeolla
              • Yonam Institute of Digital Technology – Jinju, South Gyeongsang
              • Yong-in Songdam College – Yongin, Gyeonggi
              • Yong-In University – Yongin, Gyeonggi
              • Yonsei University – Seoul and Wonju City, Gangwon
              • Yosu National University – Yeosu, South Jeolla
              • Youngdong University – Yeongdong County, North Chungcheong
              • Youngnam Theological College and Seminary – Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang
              • Youngsan University – Yangsan, South Gyeongsang
              • Youngsan Won Buddhist University – Yeonggwang County , South Jeolla
              • Yuhan College – Bucheon, Gyeonggi

              See also[ edit ]

              • Lists of universities and colleges
              • List of colleges and universities in Seoul
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              External links[ edit ]

              • List of institutions from the South Korean Ministry of Education
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              limited recognition
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              • South Ossetia
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              Dependencies and
              other territories
              • British Indian Ocean Territory
              • Christmas Island
              • Cocos (Keeling) Islands
              • Hong Kong
              • Macau

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                    Grade 1 Teacher – Full-Time TEMPORARY – Thurston Elementary School – Closes: 08/24/2018

                    Freshman Transition Specialist Teacher – Full Time – Springfield High School – Closes: 8/21/18

                    Elementary School Music Teacher – Part-Time (0.7 FTE/5.6 hpd) – Douglas Gardens Elementary School – REPOSTED

                    Spanish Teacher – Full Time – Thurston High School – Closes: 8/19/18

                    High School Math & Science Teacher – Full Time – Academy of Arts & Academics Magnet High School – Open Until Filled

                    REPOSTED: Middle School Learning Specialist – Full-Time – Hamlin Middle School – OPEN UNTIL FILLED

                    School Psychologist – Full Time – REPOST – Site to be determined – Open Until Filled

                    Speech & Language Therapist – Bilingual Preferred – Repost – Full Time – Location to Be Determined – Open until Filled

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                    Educational Assistant–Library – Part Time (7.5 hpd) – Springfield High School – Closes: 8/26/18  
                    Middle School Transition and Attendance Specialist – Part-Time (7.0 hpd) – Agnes Stewart Middle School – Closes: 08/21/2018
                    Middle School Transition and Attendance Specialist – Part-Time (7.0 hpd) – Briggs Middle School – Closes: 08/21/2018
                    Middle School Transition and Attendance Specialist – Part-Time (7.0 hpd) – Hamlin Middle School – Closes: 08/21/2018
                    Middle School Transition and Attendance Specialist – Part-Time (7.0 hpd) – Thurston Middle School – Closes: 08/21/2018
                    Assistant Cafe Manager – Part Time (7.5hpd) – Two Rivers-Dos Rios Elementary – Closes August 22, 2018
                    Educational Assistant – Instructional and Behavioral – Part Time 5.5 hpd – Centennial Elementary – Closes 8/21/2018
                    Campus Monitor – Part Time – Gateways High School – Open Until Filled
                    Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant – Part-Time – Administration Building – Open Until Filled

                    Educational Assistant (Less than 4.0 hpd) – Site to be determined (EA Pool)

                    Life Skills Classroom Assistant – Part Time (6 hpd) – Multiple Positions/Various Elementaries – Open Pool
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                    Substitute – Custodian  
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                    <em>Devil Without A Cause</em> Turns 20″><br /></span></p><div > <em>Devil Without A Cause</em> Turns 20 </div></div></div></li><li ><p>New Music</p></li><li ><p>Videos</p></li><li ><p>Lists</p></li></ul><div ><ul ><li></li><li></li><li ><span ></span></p><ul ><li></li><li></li><li></li><li></li></ul></li></ul><div ></div><div ><p><span ></span></p></div></div></div></div></div></div><div ><div ><div ><div > </div><div >Share < br />this article:</div><div data-url=


                  NME’s 50 Greatest “Indie Anthems”

                  Share < br />this article:

                  XFM and NME have joined forces to bring you their user poll, counting down the 50 greatest anthems in indie rock (criteria? your guess is as good as ours). You could try and guess which band delivered the #1 single … or you could take the over/under on the number of Oasis tracks to make the cut, which we’ve set at 5. Good luck!

                  50 My Bloody Valentine – ‘You Made Me Realise’
                  49 The Rapture – ‘House Of Jealous Lovers’
                  48 Sonic Youth – ‘Bull In The Heather’
                  47 The Libertines – ‘Up The Bracket’
                  46 Dinosaur Jr – ‘Freak Scene’
                  45 The La’s – ‘There She Goes’
                  44 The Stone Roses – ‘Love Spreads’
                  43 Suede – ‘Animal Nitrate’
                  42 The Cribs – ‘Hey Scenesters’
                  41 Blur – ‘Parklife’
                  40 Klaxons – ‘Golden Skans’

                  39 Oasis – ‘Champagne Supernova’
                  38 Pixies – ‘Gigantic’
                  37 Kasabian – ‘LSF’
                  36 Kaiser Chiefs – ‘I Predict A Riot’
                  35 Pixies – ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’
                  34 Radiohead – ‘Just’
                  33 The Killers – ‘Mr Brightside’
                  32 The Stone Roses – ‘Fool’s Gold’
                  31 Oasis – ‘Cigarettes  Alcohol’
                  30 Manic Street Preachers – ‘A Design For Life’
                  29 Arcade Fire – ‘Rebellion (Lies)’
                  28 Pavement – ‘Cut Your Hair’
                  27 Oasis -‘ Wonderwall’
                  26 Radiohead – ‘Creep’
                  25 Oasis – ‘Supersonic’
                  24 Babyshambles – ‘Fuck Forever’
                  23 The Gossip – ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’
                  22 The Breeders – ‘Cannonball’
                  21 The Smiths – ‘Panic’
                  20 Joy Division – ‘Transmission’
                  19 Joy Divison – ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’
                  18 The Verve – ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’
                  17 The Stone Roses – ‘I Wanna Be Adored’
                  16 Franz Ferdinand – ‘Take Me Out’
                  15 Blur – ‘Song 2′
                  14 Oasis – ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’
                  13 The Libertines – ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’
                  12 The Stone Roses – ‘She Bangs The Drums’
                  11 The Smiths – ‘This Charming Man’
                  10 Arctic Monkeys – ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’
                  09 The Strokes – ‘Last Nite’
                  08 The Stone Roses – ‘I Am The Resurrection’
                  07 The Smiths – ‘How Soon Is Now?’
                  06 The Libertines – ‘Time For Heroes’
                  05 The Libertines – ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’
                  04 The Smiths – ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’
                  03 Pulp – ‘Common People’
                  02 Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’
                  01 Oasis – ‘Live Forever’

                  The overs have it. Thank god we’re not a casino.


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                  Noel And Liam Gallagher Have Apparently Made Up

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                  Noel Gallagher Has A New Album So We Talked To Him About Taylor Swift, Morrissey, And His Latest Beef With Liam



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                    Heavy Rotation

                    All »
                    Ariana Grande – Sweetener
                    Ariana Grande – Sweetener
                    Nothing – Dance On The Blacktop
                    Nothing – Dance On The Blacktop
                    Oh Sees – Smote Reverser
                    Oh Sees – Smote Reverser
                    Mitski – Be The Cowboy
                    Mitski – Be The Cowboy
                    Tirzah – Devotion
                    Tirzah – Devotion
                    Foxing – Nearer My God
                    Foxing – Nearer My God
                    Tomberlin – At Weddings
                    Tomberlin – At Weddings
                    Helena Hauff – Qualm
                    Helena Hauff – Qualm

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                    30 Essential Songs From The Golden Era Of Emo





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                    Old school indie rock


                    Old school indie rock




                    Wub-Fur Undercover: An Eclectic Assortment of Cool Cover Versions

                    by Wub-Fur Internet Radio

                    Wub-Fur Undercover: An Eclectic Assortment of Cool Cover Versions

                    by Wub-Fur Internet Radio

                    16 tracks

                    Dinosaur Jr. Uncle Tupelo Yo La Tengo
                    covers old school indie rock eclectic indie rock

                    Indie Throwbacks

                    by karlee_111

                    Indie Throwbacks

                    by karlee_111

                    19 tracks

                    Straylight Run Bloc Party Damien Rice
                    indie pop indie chill old school indie rock

                    Bottomless Hole/Rock ‘n’ Roll/Take Me On a Blatant Doom Trip

                    by jergobardley

                    Bottomless Hole/Rock ‘n’ Roll/Take Me On a Blatant Doom Trip

                    by jergobardley

                    38 tracks

                    Les Savy Fav The Wrens Modest Mouse
                    classic indie rock indie rock old school indie rock 90’s indie rock gimme indie rock!

                    Music I will never skip on my ipod.

                    by CourtneyMarquee

                    Music I will never skip on my ipod.

                    by CourtneyMarquee

                    53 tracks

                    The Unicorns Broken Social Scene Panda Bear
                    panda bear indie rock sex old school indie rock chillwave